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  Hi there, hope all is well. My name is Roberto Diaz, I was born in New York City. One of my earliest memories is that of being on the subway with my mother and seeing an African-American man paint a Statue of Liberty on canvas while on the train ride home. I was very young but the reverberations of this moment have stayed with me for my entire life; My mother spoke with the man, telling him that her son too was an ‘Artist’ (Mothers, right?) at the time if I’m not mistaken, I was definitely preschool or possibly kindergarten age but the most I had done was a few cartoon styled drawings of Garfield and Popeye. Was my mother considering my doodles to be in the same league as the masterpiece this man created right before our eyes? I have been doing creative work for the most part of my existence. Music, Art & the occasional Youtube video buffoonery. As a child I was inspired by comic strips, as a teenager comic books and then as a young adult intrigued by what the meaning of being a true Artist is … In my High School years I graduated and acquired a Vocational School’s Art & Commercial Design Certificate, satisfactorily completing 1,272.5 hours of training. Then shortly after this I enrolled in the Army so that I could enrich my perspective on a broader world. I pursued a Business Management Degree from Dowling College, but having an artistic soul, decided it wasn’t for me. Having an insatiable curiosity towards life I accepted various jobs that have helped me not only see the world, but understand human nature a little bit better. I just finished earning another Graphic Design Certificate online with Sessions College for Professional Design, updating my skills for this new millennia.

I draw cartoons under the ‘Ryan Knight’ pseudonym

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