Mailman Misfortunes

On April 15th, 2014: I published the first online comic strip of the ‘Misfortunate’ Mailman.

At that time I had forgotten that 7 years earlier I had made a comic about him for the NALC magazine ‘Viewpoint’

update the online comic strip at least once a month under my Comic Art Pseudonym ‘Ryan Knight’

At first I planned to update the comic strip at least three times a week, but as I always like to say: ‘Life always gets in the way of my Art’

The strip is for the most part in Black and White, and that’s because of that Nostalgic feeling of reading comics in the Newspaper as a kid

In my day (and I’m dating myself here) you would get your daily black and white comics Monday thru Friday and your weekly color comics on Sunday. Even though the Mailman has appeared on a Full Sunday Comic Page, I still like to keep him as a Black and White character, because his identity is strongly connected to being a Mailman and as many of us know, in the US, mailmen work mainly on a Monday thru Saturday schedule (at least for now)

This is the character I mostly identify with, because for those of you who know me, know I used to be a Mailman for eleven years. So many of the experiences are my very own. (Hey, write what you know right?)

He was one of my first motivations in getting back into creating art and I feel like continuing the strip has helped me grow as an artist

Sure it’s a joke for the most part, but there is something about my desire to continue to develop this character’s world for at least once a month now for over four years . . .

And even though I’ve abandoned many other projects, there is one constant thing that has kept me returning to ‘The Township of Inspiration’

Maybe it’s because in a way it’s my idealized town where many of the characters remind me of many of the people in my past . . . And of course, maybe it also has to do with the Mailman being that one guy who always persists no matter the circumstance, keeping a positive view in life.

Maybe that’s why it’s easy for me to return to him every month, because every time I think about him, he puts a smile on my face.